‘De Arkduif’ Mill

millLocated in the west of the village Bodegraven. This location used to be part of the community Zwammerdam until 1964. It’s where Brouwerij de Molen started brewing in 2006.

It’s a windmill with a brick round foundation and engine house. It’s estimated foundation year is 1697. This is the year mentioned on the burr of mortar and on two still existing tablets in the mill. The two tablets were heavily damaged during a modernisation of the mill and transferred to the miller’s house next to the mill. The mill functioned as a gristmill.

Around 1850 the mill probably suffered from a big fire. On the drive connected to the sweeps is a date mention that says 1853. Other parts of the mill are taken from different mills in the area. During the restoration the mill was raised about 1.25 metres. This is visible in two places by the presence of small stairs. In 1974 the mill was purchased by the council of Bodegraven and restored during the next 8 years.

Molen 0010The archives show that the mill was once supported by a steam engine, but we are not exactly sure when and why.

The name ‘Arkduif’ (the Ark’s Dove) was only recently given to the mill. In 1956 the owner took the name from a long list of names that were entered during a contest. Just like the dove a mill used to be bringer of peace and happiness.

Sources: www.kusee.nl and the Arkduif Foundation.