BBF 2017

Theme for Borefts 2017

Every year we invite the guest breweries to brew a beer especially for Borefts within a theme. This years theme is inspired by sentiments and compassion. We want (even more) love, peace and happiness in the world. And also in the world we – at this moment – can try to influence: the world of craft beer! So this years theme will be: Flower Power! The theme offers the brewers a lot of room for interpretation: ‘Use ingredients (flowers?) that communicate or have the physical effect of making people feel (more) love, peace and happiness’ ?
(Hops can sure be in the beer but don’t count within the theme)

Download the Android or iOS Borefts app that volunteers Eric & Arne build for you! The apps are being updated and improved up until the festival!

Ægir Briggery (NOR)

Lady Buckthorn 4%
Sour ale
Lime Bomb 5%
Lærdol Sour Cherry Rye 5,5%
Sour ale
AUD #8 6%
Røsslyng (Garage Project NZ collaboration) 8%
Belgian blonde ale
Lynchburg Natt 10%
Barrel aged imperial porter
NEW FLOWER BEER – Borefts Flower Power Special ?%
Wheat beer

Alvinne (BEL)

Ich Bin Ein Berliner Framboos    4%
Berliner Weisse / fruitbeer  – Red –  10 kg/hl fried raspberries
Ich Bin Ein Berliner Kriek    4%
Berliner Weisse – fruitbeer  –  Red   –  10 kg/hl fresh krieken (Kelleries)
Wild West Blackthorn Edition 2016    6%
Sour ale – fruitbeer – barrel aged  –  Blond –
15 kg sledge 8 months wine barrel, total 1 year on 100 % Pinot Noir Bourgogne barrel
Wild West Grape Edition 2016    6%
Sour ale – fruitbeer – barrel aged  –  Blond  –
10 kg/hl Primitivo grapes, Puglia Italia, BA  4 months
Morpheus Vintage Sour Blend    6%
Lambicstyle Sour Blend  – Blond –
Mixed fermentation of 36, 24 and 18 months old different barrels aged  Chain Reaction
(lambik recipe with 40 % wheat of with tarwe 15 % unmalted)
Morpheus Saison    7%
Traditional Saison  –  Blond – Light sour refreshing saison
Cuvée Sofie Rabarber    8%
Sour ale – fruitbeer – barrel aged  –  Blond
aged for 6 months in red wine barrels, 15 kg/hl fresh rhubarb
Fred meets Freddy    8%
Dark – Collaboration blend of Hair of the Dog Fred (brewed @ Alvinne) & Cuvée Freddy
Beer Geek Wedding #6    8%
Dark sour ale – Blend of Mano Negra, Cuvée de Mortagne & Kerasus with a bit of Beliner Ryesse
Cuvée Sofie Vlierbloesem “Borefts brewerschallange”    8%
Sour Ale – blossom  –  Blond – Cuvée Sofie with fresh picked elderflowers
Gaspar    8%
Belgian Bitter Ale  –  Blond
Phi³    11%
Sour ale  –  Blond – Triple mash sour
Melchior Calvados BA    11%
Barley Wine – barrel aged    Amber – BA 12 months in Calvado barrels
Sour’ire de Mortagne Oak Smoked Peaches    11%
Sour ale – smoked fruit  –  Dark amber   –
Morpheus version of cuvee de mortagne, 10kg/400L home smoked peaches
Cuvée d’Erpigny Sauternes BA    12,2%
Barley wine – barrel aged  – Blond –  aged 1 year in Sauternes barrels (sweet white wine)
Cuvée de Mortagne Sauternes BA    12,8%
Quadrupple – barrel aged  –  Dark amber – aged 1 year in Sauternes barrels (sweet white wine)

Bakunin (RUS)

Mescalime    4.4%
Lime Berliner Wiesse Ale
Hibiscus Lambic  (Borefts Flower Power Special)   5%
Lambic w/ hibiscus
Black Currantine    6%
(Collaboration Bakunin x Tanker)  American Wild ale w/ blackcurrant
All in: Citra    6%
Hoppy Sour Ale
Gone Wild: Isabella     7%
American Wild Ale
Gone Wild: Cherry    7%
American Wild Ale
Gone Wild: Plum    7%
American Wild Ale
Fibonacci    8%
Double IPA
Varanger Fjord   9%
(Collaboration Bakunin x Haandbryggeriet)   Blueberry Imperial Stout
Затмение (Eclipse)    11%
Cocoa Milk Imperial Stout

Beavertown (ENG)

Love in Idleness  3,7%
Grisette With Flowers (Borefts Special)
Neck Oil              4,3%
Session IPA
Love In The Time Of Coffee         5,0%
Coffee IPA
Gamma Ray       5,4%
American Ale
Kiss From A Rosemary    5,8%
Saison With Black Pepper & Rosemary
Tempus Project Sacch Trois   6,3%
Brett IPA
Imperial Lord Smog Almighty   12,7%
A Imperial Porter
Heavy Lord  14,5%
Imperial Porter

Brew By Numbers (ENG)

π|12 Pilot Series – Orange Blossom Saison *Flower Power* ?%
01|01 – Saison – Citra 5%
01|29 – Saison – Oyster & Kombu 5%
21|13 – Pale Ale – Mandarina & Loral 5%
Pale Ale
05|25 – India Pale Ale – Citra & HBC 431 6%
22|01 – Cuvée – 2017 6%
π|10 Pilot Series – Pear & Ginger Saison 6%
55|05 – Double IPA – Citra & Ella 8%
Double IPA
10|10 – Coffee Porter – Imperial 10%
Imperial Porter

Brouwerij de Molen

Hugs & Kisses 3,5% Session IPA
Not For Sale Ale – Craft Lager 4,7% Craft Lager
Hop & Honey w/ green tea & honey 4,8% American Bitter
Dr.Pepper w/ Amaretto 4,8% american bitter
Koffie Berliner Weizen 4,9% Berliner Weizen
Love & Lust w/ Sarsaparilla (lusty arousing) 6,1% Saison
Sweet Dreams w/ passion flower (relaxing) 6,1% Saison
Strak & Glad w/ Cat’s Claw herb (smooth skin) 6,1% Saison
Beer cocktail: Bloody Mary 6,1% Saison
Cool & Chill w/ rose pettles (relaxing) 6.1% Saison
High & Mighty w/ Salvia Divinorum (psycadelic) 6.1% Saison
Fresh Hop ’17 6,2% Fresh Hop IPA
Gin & Jolly w/ Gin herbs 6,2% IPA
Beer cocktail: Long Island Ice tea 6,2% IPA
‘n Lach & ‘n Traan Burgundy BA w/ Brett 6,6% Brett Old Stock Ale
Jan & Charlotte 7,5% Black Vermont IPA
Geuren & Kleuren 7,7% Smoked Earl Grey IPA
White Stout (Collab White Stork) 8,5% White Coffee Stout
Beer cocktail: Manhattan 8,5% Vermont
Licht & Prikkelbaar w/ nettle 8,5% Vermont
Herbs & Spices w/ absinthium & zea mays 8,5% Saison
Zouthout & Laurier w/ liquorice root & laurel 8,5% Saison
Mean & Green 8,9% Imperial saison
21 Grams Cryo Hops 9,0% Imperial IPA
Horen, Zien & Zwijgen 9,5% Imp Banana/Choc Porter
Triple Gold BA 9,5% Multigrain Triple-ish BA
Nibs & Beans BA 10,3% Imperial Stout koffie ba
Push & Pull BA 10,5% Tiramisu Imperial Stout
Quad ’17 10.9% Quadrupel – ish
Hemel & Aarde Bowmore BA 11,0% Smoked Imperial Stout
Hel & Verdoemenis Bourbon BA w/ Brett 11,0% Brett Imperial Stout
Hel & Verdoemenis 666-ish BA 11,0% Imperial Stout
Hel en verdoemenis Amerene 11,0% imperial stout
Hot & Spicy 5 (of Hel & Verdoemenis) 11,0% Spiced Imperial Stout
Satan & Gabriel w/ star anise & pistachio liqueur 11,0% Imperial Stout
Stoute Jeanette 12,0% Spiced Imperial Stout
Paard & Deken Sherry BA w/ Brett 13,8% Brett Imperial Stout
Binkie Claws Bourbon BA 14,4% Barley Wine BA
Hel & Verdoemenis Bowmore BA IJsbock 18,0% IJsbock

Cerveses La Pirata (ESP)

Lab008 Berliner Weisse 3%
Berliner Weisse
Màquia Flower Power edition 5%
Súria 5%
Viakrucis 6%
Barcelona Tropical 7%
Panòptic 7%
Blackadder 9%
Imp. Porter
Ay Carmela! 9%
Black Block Bourbon BA 13%
Imperial Stout Barrel Aged

Cloudwater Brew Co.

Spirit Animal Flower Power Special  4%
Wild Fruit Elderflower Saison
DDH Pale Galaxy  5,10%
Double Dry Hopped Pale
Mormora Sour (Square Mile Collab.)  5,30%
Saison Tettnanger  7%
NW DIPA Denali Melba  8%
NE DIPA Lemon Drop Galaxy  9%
NW DIPA Galaxy 9%

Galway Bay Brewery

Buried at Sea  4,5%
Milk Stout
Careen  4,8%
Althea  4,8%
Session IPA
Saison Phi  5,0%
(Flower Power beer) (saison with Rose Petal, Chamomile, Fennel & Oat Straw)
Baby Legs  5,3%
Cryo-hop IPA
Full Sail   5,8%
Goodbye Blue Monday  6,6%
Oatmeal IPA
Two Hundred Fathoms  10%
Imperial Stout

Gänstaller Bräu (GER)

Schwarze 90  5%
Russian Imperial Stout
Keller Sapphire 5%
RRR (Roma Rocks Roll) Beer  6%
(for Pork n Roll Roma) Traditional ale
Innsbrooklyn  6%
(for Tribaun Innsbruck) India Style Lager
Brooklynator  8%
(collab) Strong Eur Bock
Rauch Royal 8%
Smoked Imperial IPL
Affumicator 10%
Smoked Doppelbock

Hair of the Dog (USA)

Bokay –  4% – Borefts Flower Power Challenge  – Golden
Lila   – 6% – Vienna Lager   –  Golden
Rose  –   7%    Farmhouse Ale    Amber
Blue Dot  –  7%  –  Double IPA  –  Golden
Fred from the Wood  –  10%  –  Barrel Aged  –   Blond
Adam  –  10%  –  Old Ale    Black
Fred  –  10%  – American Strong Ale  –  Blond
Maja  –  11,5%  –  Maple Vanilla Barley Wine  –  Amber
Doggie Claws  –  11,5%  –  Barley Wine  –  Amber
Side by Side  –  11,5%  –  Collaborative Ale wit Shiga Kogen en De Molen –  Brown
Watch this interview of the three brewers while brewing in Oregon October ’16 🙂
Yellow Peach Adam  –  13,5%  –  Barrel Aged   –  Black
Cherry Adam  –  13,5%  –  Barrel Aged  –  Reddish Black
Cherry Fred   – 13,5%  –  Barrel Aged  –   Red

Kees (NED)

Lapsang Souchong Alt 6,0%
Smokey Alt
Strawberry Fieds 6,0%
Chocolate milk stout
New England 6,2%
New England IPA
Oeuf’s I did it again 6,5%
IPA / New England
Fresh IPA 7,0%
Black Rose ( flower power stout ) 11,0%
Imperial Stout
Double Shot 11,0%
Espresso Stout
Frick & Frack BA 11,0%
Smoked Barley wine aged on Clermont Spring
Caramel Fudge Stout BA 12,0%
Imp Stout with caramel & chocolate and barrel aged on bourbon barrels
IJsbock  26,0%
IJsbock aged on Oloroso barrels

Kwartje (NED)

Mr. Flowers (Borefts Special) 4%
Jasmine Session Ale
FireWire Lapsang 6%
Fusion Raspberry 3.5%
Berliner Weisse
Upgrade Chili Cinnamon 9.2%
Imperial Stout
Upgrade Star Anise 9.2%
Imperial Stout
Upgrade Chocolate Orange 9.2%
Imperial Stout
Upgrade Vanilla 9.2%
Imperial Stout
Kermis 10K 9.2%
Imperial Stout
Fusion Passionfruit 9.2%
Berliner Weisse
Brute Force  10,7%
Imperial Stout
Ruby Rioja BA 14%
Barley Wine

Monyo Brewing Co. (HUN)

Summer Syndrome 4,9%
Blonde Ale
WHT IPA 6,1%
White IPA w. fresh coriander seeds, orange & grapefruit peel
Flying Rabbit 6,5%
American IPA
Mahna Mahna (Bidi Bidibi) 6,6%
Vanilla Milk New England IPA
Boris The Blade 2017 8,0%
Aged Russian Imperial Stout
Yummy Mummy (Flower Power special) 8,3%
Hibiscus Double New England IPA
Anubis x Twins 9,2%
Braggot, Barrel Aged in two different types of Tokaji white wine barrels
Dead Rabbit 9,5%
Double American IPA
Avi Cousin 2017 10,2%
Aged Wheat Wine
Franky Four Fingers 2017 13,0%
Aged English Barley Wine

Närke Kulturbryggeri (SWE)

Anders Göranssons Bästa Rököl       6,2 %
brewed with peet- and juniper-smoked malt from Mackmyra Svensk Whisky
2xBock Grandios Manipulator        8,4 %
dubbelbock, lager
Oktober Märzen      6 %
Hello! My name is Hampus!      5 %
brewed with hemp (no THC!) – the ”Flower Power”- beer!
Body & Soul       8 %
Sim-Ko     4,8 %
singlehopped blond ale, Simcoe
Mimer Alus       7,4 %
brewed with birch-smoked malt, juniper branches and myrica gale
Midgård Rödmölska      8 %
bragot hazelnut-porter
Dubh Linn Stout      4 %
irish stout
Rom-Kaggen Stormaktsporter      12 %
imperial stout aged on rum barrel
Närke Bäver     6 %
ale with beaver glance
Hazel Dormouse Porter     8 %

Põhjala (EST)

Prenzlauer Berg 4,5%
Berliner Weisse w/ Raspberries & Lactose
Power Flower (Flower power special) 4,5%
Gin BA Berliner Weisse w/ Hibiscus and Rose petals
Here Comes the Night Time 5,9%
Dark Rye Sour w/ Aronia berries
Mutant Disco 6,8%
White IPA w/ Lemon zest & TQ soaked oak cubes
Talveöö 9,0%
Baltic Porter w/ Coconut, Cardamom, and Vanilla
Coco Bänger 12,5%
Imperial Stout w/ Coconut and Coffee
Rukkivein 12,9%
Rye Whiskey BA Rye Wine
Pime öö Islay BA 13,9%
Islay Whisky BA Imperial Stout

Shiga Kogen (Tamamura Honten) (JAP)

SALTY HOP (flower power special)    4,5%
Japanese Spice Ale
IBA Harvest Brew 2017     6,0%
Wet/Fresh Hop India Black Ale
Grand Rouge    6,0%
Fruit Saison
SHOUBU no Miyama Blonde (flower power special)    6,5%    
Japanese Spice Ale with sake rice
#10    7,5%
Imperial IPA with sake rice
Two Rabbits IPA    9,0%
Imperial IPA
ECKHARDT (Collaboration with Hair of the Dog)    12,0%
Golden Strong Ale
THE FAR EAST Barrel Aged Imperial House IPA     13,5%
Barrel Aged Imperial  IPA

Stigbergets Bryggeri (SWE)

American Cream – Mikkeler collab, Stigbergets version of American Dream  5%
India style lager
Walpurgis – Warpigs collab  6,1%
West Coast  6,5%
Amazing Haze  6,5%
Business as Usual  7%
UNO – Omnipollo collab  8%
Lumor – Flower Power Special  9%

Tempest Brewing Co. (SCO)

The Pale Armadillo  3,8%
Session IPA
Mango Berlinner  4%
Loral IPL  5,4%
India Pale Lager
Harvest IPA  6,7%
Belgian style harvest IPA
Brave New World IPA  7%
The Old Fashioned  9,5%
Barrel aged Imperial Rye
All the Leaves are Brown (flower power special)  10,5%
Maple Brown Ale
Bourbon Barrel-aged Mexicake  11%
barrel aged imperial stout

Tommie Sjef Wild Ales (NED)

Druif (Wild Ale with red winegrapes, 2016 harvest) 5%
Wild/Sour Ale
Mandarin (Wild Ale with Mandarina Bavaria hops) 5%
Wild/Sour Ale
Bloesem (Wild Ale with elderflowers, Flower Power special) 5%
Wild/Sour Ale
Blauw (Wild Ale with blueberries) 5%
Wild/Sour Ale
Framboos (Wild Ale with raspberries and a bit of blackcurrants, flat & fresh!) 5%
Wild/Sour Ale
Salie (Wild Ale with sage) 5%
Wild/Sour Ale

Weird Beard Brew Co (ENG)

Little Things That Kill  3,9%
Session IPA
Sawa Sawa  4,1%
Coffee Sour
Hippy Hating Hippie (Flower Power Special)  5,5%
Rose Stout
K*ntish Town Beard  5,5%
American Wheat Ale
Out of Office  7,0%
Coffee IPA
Night Of The Ryeclops  7,0%
Rye Stout
Cardinal Wolf  8,4%
Belgian IPA
Sadako, Heaven Hill Barrel Aged Edition 9,5%
Imperial Stout, Bourbon Barrel Aged
Sadako, Rum Barrel Aged Edition  9,5%
Imperial Stout, Rum Barrel Aged
Bearded Nurse  10,2%