Borefts Beer Festival

The sold out Borefts Bier Festival 2018 was celebrated September 21 & 22

Both days from 12.00-22.00 h (taps close @ 21.45h)

Pre-sale only!
If you want to attend both days you have to buy one ticket for each day.

There are Friday & Saturday tickets:

  • € 35,00 (= entrance ticket + 10 tokens)
  • € 55,00 (= entrance ticket + 20 tokens)

At Borefts: scan your ticket and receive your:

  • 2018 special edition Borefts tasting glass (no other glasses allowed)
  • your day-bracelet, mandatory for purchasing tokens
  • the detailed festival program
  • the amount of tokens you pre-ordered (1 token = €2,00 = 1 beer)

Important: of course there is a UNDER 18 YEARS OLD = NO ALCOHOL policy at our festival! So you have to be able to identify yourself at the register.

‘But, what if I don’t drink beer?’

We still ask you to buy a ticket. With the ticket you contribute the funds we need to organize Borefts. Maybe you won’t use your glass and have no need for the program but you can still use your tokenss to get a lemonade, coffee, some food or a fine glass of wine. Oh yeah! We are trying to remain an ‘open’ festival without heavy duty acces gates, long rows and security. So we call upon your respect for what it takes to organize Borefts. Cheers!

‘So I really have to buy two tickets for two days?’

Yep, and that also means that you will recieve a second tastingglass and program with your second ticket. Might seem silly, but for now: that’s what it is.

2018 Brewery line up

Visit the 2018 line-up page (and attent the facebookevent) regularly because we update them frequently, for example with new attending breweries. One thing is already for sure: only the best breweries qualify! Download or update your Android or iOS Borefts App (search for Borefts)

How to travel to Bodegraven

We strongly advise everyone to travel by train. Bodegraven is easy to travel to and our brewery is only a ten minute walk from the train station. And that way everybody can enjoy a good craft beer! (And besides that: there is a very, very limited amount of parking space)

Pre-sale only

Since 2016 we have a limited amount of space for you growing crowd of beerloving people. That’s why we made a new festival area plan, still at the brewery. Borefts 2018 will host the same amount of visitors as last year. But no more. We think that amount of people will be this years` limit as well to keep things comfortable for everyone. That’s also why there is pre-sale only, to control the amount of visitors.

About (not) bringing beers to the festival

We want to be good sports, being geeks ourselves as well, so we don’t want to make up strict rules or such. But we do ask your respect for the organization of Borefts Beer Festival. We understand if you would like to swap bottles, with beer friends you have no chance to meet otherwise. We don’t mind if you taste an occasional bottle as an exception. But we also think it is quite rude to bring large quantities of beer at a beer festival. Thanks for understanding.

Also useful to know

  • Taps close 15 minutes before general closing time. So that’s 21.45 pm
  • It is possible to pay cash and by card at the cash register if you want to buy more tokens.
  • It is possible to pay cash and by card at the merchandise stand. (also selling point of tokens)
  • The bottle shop at Brouwcafé de Molen (our taproom) will be opened during the festival. (also point of token sale)
  • Look forward to a great food line-up at the festival.
  • Please use #Borefts when posting on-line.


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