Breweries & Beers Line Up

If breweries are announced you will find them here. Also their beer list as soon as we know.

Theme for Borefts 2017

Every year we invite the guest breweries to brew a beer especially for Borefts within a theme. This years theme is inspired by sentiments and compassion. We want (even more) love, peace and happiness in the world. And also in the world we – at this moment – can try to influence: the world of craft beer! So this years theme will be: Flower Power! The theme offers the brewers a lot of room for interpretation: ‘Use ingredients (flowers?) that communicate or have the physical effect of making people feel (more) love, peace and happiness’ 😊
(Hops can sure be in the beer but don’t count within the theme)

Download the Android or iOS Borefts app that volunteers Eric & Arne build for you! The apps are being updated and improved up until the festival!

Ægir Briggery (NOR)

Lady Buckthorn 4%
Sour ale
Lime Bomb 5%
Lærdol Sour Cherry Rye 5,5%
Sour ale
AUD #8 6%
Røsslyng (Garage Project NZ collaboration) 8%
Belgian blonde ale
Lynchburg Natt 10%
Barrel aged imperial porter
NEW FLOWER BEER – Borefts Flower Power Special ?%
Wheat beer

Alvinne (BEL)

Ich Bin Ein Berliner Framboos    4%
Berliner Weisse / fruitbeer  – Red –  10 kg/hl fried raspberries
Ich Bin Ein Berliner Kriek    4%
Berliner Weisse – fruitbeer  –  Red   –  10 kg/hl fresh krieken (Kelleries)
Wild West Blackthorn Edition 2016    6%
Sour ale – fruitbeer – barrel aged  –  Blond –
15 kg sledge 8 months wine barrel, total 1 year on 100 % Pinot Noir Bourgogne barrel
Wild West Grape Edition 2016    6%
Sour ale – fruitbeer – barrel aged  –  Blond  –
10 kg/hl Primitivo grapes, Puglia Italia, BA  4 months
Morpheus Vintage Sour Blend    6%
Lambicstyle Sour Blend  – Blond –
Mixed fermentation of 36, 24 and 18 months old different barrels aged  Chain Reaction
(lambik recipe with 40 % wheat of with tarwe 15 % unmalted)
Morpheus Saison    7%
Traditional Saison  –  Blond – Light sour refreshing saison
Cuvée Sofie Rabarber    8%
Sour ale – fruitbeer – barrel aged  –  Blond
aged for 6 months in red wine barrels, 15 kg/hl fresh rhubarb
Fred meets Freddy    8%
Dark – Collaboration blend of Hair of the Dog Fred (brewed @ Alvinne) & Cuvée Freddy
Beer Geek Wedding #6    8%
Dark sour ale – Blend of Mano Negra, Cuvée de Mortagne & Kerasus with a bit of Beliner Ryesse
Cuvée Sofie Vlierbloesem “Borefts brewerschallange”    8%
Sour Ale – blossom  –  Blond – Cuvée Sofie with fresh picked elderflowers
Gaspar    8%
Belgian Bitter Ale  –  Blond
Phi³    11%
Sour ale  –  Blond – Triple mash sour
Melchior Calvados BA    11%
Barley Wine – barrel aged    Amber – BA 12 months in Calvado barrels
Sour’ire de Mortagne Oak Smoked Peaches    11%
Sour ale – smoked fruit  –  Dark amber   –
Morpheus version of cuvee de mortagne, 10kg/400L home smoked peaches
Cuvée d’Erpigny Sauternes BA    12,2%
Barley wine – barrel aged  – Blond –  aged 1 year in Sauternes barrels (sweet white wine)
Cuvée de Mortagne Sauternes BA    12,8%
Quadrupple – barrel aged  –  Dark amber – aged 1 year in Sauternes barrels (sweet white wine)

Bakunin (RUS)

Mescalime    4.4%
Lime Berliner Wiesse Ale
Hibiscus Lambic  (Borefts Flower Power Special)   5%
Lambic w/ hibiscus
Black Currantine    6%
(Collaboration Bakunin x Tanker)  American Wild ale w/ blackcurrant
All in: Citra    6%
Hoppy Sour Ale
Gone Wild: Isabella     7%
American Wild Ale
Gone Wild: Cherry    7%
American Wild Ale
Gone Wild: Plum    7%
American Wild Ale
Fibonacci    8%
Double IPA
Varanger Fjord   9%
(Collaboration Bakunin x Haandbryggeriet)   Blueberry Imperial Stout
Затмение (Eclipse)    11%
Cocoa Milk Imperial Stout

Beavertown (ENG)

Love in Idleness  3,7%
Grisette With Flowers (Borefts Special)
Neck Oil              4,3%
Session IPA
Love In The Time Of Coffee         5,0%
Coffee IPA
Gamma Ray       5,4%
American Ale
Kiss From A Rosemary    5,8%
Saison With Black Pepper & Rosemary
Tempus Project Sacch Trois   6,3%
Brett IPA
Imperial Lord Smog Almighty   12,7%
A Imperial Porter
Heavy Lord  14,5%
Imperial Porter

Brew By Numbers (ENG)

π|12 Pilot Series – Orange Blossom Saison *Flower Power* ?%
01|01 – Saison – Citra 5%
01|29 – Saison – Oyster & Kombu 5%
21|13 – Pale Ale – Mandarina & Loral 5%
Pale Ale
05|25 – India Pale Ale – Citra & HBC 431 6%
22|01 – Cuvée – 2017 6%
π|10 Pilot Series – Pear & Ginger Saison 6%
55|05 – Double IPA – Citra & Ella 8%
Double IPA
10|10 – Coffee Porter – Imperial 10%
Imperial Porter

Brouwerij de Molen

Hugs & Kisses 3,5% Session IPA
Not For Sale Ale – Craft Lager 4,7% Craft Lager
Hop & Honey w/ green tea & honey 4,8% American Bitter
Dr.Pepper w/ Amaretto 4,8% american bitter
Koffie Berliner Weizen 4,9% Berliner Weizen
Love & Lust w/ Sarsaparilla (lusty arousing) 6,1% Saison
Sweet Dreams w/ passion flower (relaxing) 6,1% Saison
Strak & Glad w/ Cat’s Claw herb (smooth skin) 6,1% Saison
Beer cocktail: Bloody Mary 6,1% Saison
Cool & Chill w/ rose pettles (relaxing) 6.1% Saison
High & Mighty w/ Salvia Divinorum (psycadelic) 6.1% Saison
Fresh Hop ’17 6,2% Fresh Hop IPA
Gin & Jolly w/ Gin herbs 6,2% IPA
Beer cocktail: Long Island Ice tea 6,2% IPA
‘n Lach & ‘n Traan Burgundy BA w/ Brett 6,6% Brett Old Stock Ale
Jan & Charlotte 7,5% Black Vermont IPA
Geuren & Kleuren 7,7% Smoked Earl Grey IPA
White Stout (Collab White Stork) 8,5% White Coffee Stout
Beer cocktail: Manhattan 8,5% Vermont
Licht & Prikkelbaar w/ nettle 8,5% Vermont
Herbs & Spices w/ absinthium & zea mays 8,5% Saison
Zouthout & Laurier w/ liquorice root & laurel 8,5% Saison
Mean & Green 8,9% Imperial saison
21 Grams Cryo Hops 9,0% Imperial IPA
Horen, Zien & Zwijgen 9,5% Imp Banana/Choc Porter
Triple Gold BA 9,5% Multigrain Triple-ish BA
Nibs & Beans BA 10,3% Imperial Stout koffie ba
Push & Pull BA 10,5% Tiramisu Imperial Stout
Quad ’17 10.9% Quadrupel – ish
Hemel & Aarde Bowmore BA 11,0% Smoked Imperial Stout
Hel & Verdoemenis Bourbon BA w/ Brett 11,0% Brett Imperial Stout
Hel & Verdoemenis 666-ish BA 11,0% Imperial Stout
Hel en verdoemenis Amerene 11,0% imperial stout
Hot & Spicy 5 (of Hel & Verdoemenis) 11,0% Spiced Imperial Stout
Satan & Gabriel w/ star anise & pistachio liqueur 11,0% Imperial Stout
Stoute Jeanette 12,0% Spiced Imperial Stout
Paard & Deken Sherry BA w/ Brett 13,8% Brett Imperial Stout
Binkie Claws Bourbon BA 14,4% Barley Wine BA
Hel & Verdoemenis Bowmore BA IJsbock 18,0% IJsbock

Cerveses La Pirata (ESP)

Lab008 Berliner Weisse 3%
Berliner Weisse
Màquia Flower Power edition 5%
Súria 5%
Viakrucis 6%
Barcelona Tropical 7%
Panòptic 7%
Blackadder 9%
Imp. Porter
Ay Carmela! 9%
Black Block Bourbon BA 13%
Imperial Stout Barrel Aged

Cloudwater Brew Co.

Spirit Animal Flower Power Special  4%
Wild Fruit Elderflower Saison
DDH Pale Galaxy  5,10%
Double Dry Hopped Pale
Mormora Sour (Square Mile Collab.)  5,30%
Saison Tettnanger  7%
NW DIPA Denali Melba  8%
NE DIPA Lemon Drop Galaxy  9%
NW DIPA Galaxy 9%

Galway Bay Brewery

Buried at Sea  4,5%
Milk Stout
Careen  4,8%
Althea  4,8%
Session IPA
Saison Phi  5,0%
(Flower Power beer) (saison with Rose Petal, Chamomile, Fennel & Oat Straw)
Baby Legs  5,3%
Cryo-hop IPA
Full Sail   5,8%
Goodbye Blue Monday  6,6%
Oatmeal IPA
Two Hundred Fathoms  10%
Imperial Stout

Gänstaller Bräu (GER)

Schwarze 90  5%
Russian Imperial Stout
Keller Sapphire 5%
RRR (Roma Rocks Roll) Beer  6%
(for Pork n Roll Roma) Traditional ale
Innsbrooklyn  6%
(for Tribaun Innsbruck) India Style Lager
Brooklynator  8%
(collab) Strong Eur Bock
Rauch Royal 8%
Smoked Imperial IPL
Affumicator 10%
Smoked Doppelbock

Hair of the Dog (USA)

Bokay –  4% – Borefts Flower Power Challenge  – Golden
Lila   – 6% – Vienna Lager   –  Golden
Rose  –   7%    Farmhouse Ale    Amber
Blue Dot  –  7%  –  Double IPA  –  Golden
Fred from the Wood  –  10%  –  Barrel Aged  –   Blond
Adam  –  10%  –  Old Ale    Black
Fred  –  10%  – American Strong Ale  –  Blond
Maja  –  11,5%  –  Maple Vanilla Barley Wine  –  Amber
Doggie Claws  –  11,5%  –  Barley Wine  –  Amber
Side by Side  –  11,5%  –  Collaborative Ale wit Shiga Kogen en De Molen –  Brown
Watch this interview of the three brewers while brewing in Oregon October ’16 🙂
Yellow Peach Adam  –  13,5%  –  Barrel Aged   –  Black
Cherry Adam  –  13,5%  –  Barrel Aged  –  Reddish Black
Cherry Fred   – 13,5%  –  Barrel Aged  –   Red

Kees (NED)

Lapsang Souchong Alt 6,0%
Smokey Alt
Strawberry Fieds 6,0%
Chocolate milk stout
New England 6,2%
New England IPA
Oeuf’s I did it again 6,5%
IPA / New England
Fresh IPA 7,0%
Black Rose ( flower power stout ) 11,0%
Imperial Stout
Double Shot 11,0%
Espresso Stout
Frick & Frack BA 11,0%
Smoked Barley wine aged on Clermont Spring
Caramel Fudge Stout BA 12,0%
Imp Stout with caramel & chocolate and barrel aged on bourbon barrels
IJsbock  26,0%
IJsbock aged on Oloroso barrels

Kwartje (NED)

Mr. Flowers (Borefts Special) 4%
Jasmine Session Ale
FireWire Lapsang 6%
Fusion Raspberry 3.5%
Berliner Weisse
Upgrade Chili Cinnamon 9.2%
Imperial Stout
Upgrade Star Anise 9.2%
Imperial Stout
Upgrade Chocolate Orange 9.2%
Imperial Stout
Upgrade Vanilla 9.2%
Imperial Stout
Kermis 10K 9.2%
Imperial Stout
Fusion Passionfruit 9.2%
Berliner Weisse
Brute Force  10,7%
Imperial Stout
Ruby Rioja BA 14%
Barley Wine

Monyo Brewing Co. (HUN)

Summer Syndrome 4,9%
Blonde Ale
WHT IPA 6,1%
White IPA w. fresh coriander seeds, orange & grapefruit peel
Flying Rabbit 6,5%
American IPA
Mahna Mahna (Bidi Bidibi) 6,6%
Vanilla Milk New England IPA
Boris The Blade 2017 8,0%
Aged Russian Imperial Stout
Yummy Mummy (Flower Power special) 8,3%
Hibiscus Double New England IPA
Anubis x Twins 9,2%
Braggot, Barrel Aged in two different types of Tokaji white wine barrels
Dead Rabbit 9,5%
Double American IPA
Avi Cousin 2017 10,2%
Aged Wheat Wine
Franky Four Fingers 2017 13,0%
Aged English Barley Wine

Närke Kulturbryggeri (SWE)

Anders Göranssons Bästa Rököl       6,2 %
brewed with peet- and juniper-smoked malt from Mackmyra Svensk Whisky
2xBock Grandios Manipulator        8,4 %
dubbelbock, lager
Oktober Märzen      6 %
Hello! My name is Hampus!      5 %
brewed with hemp (no THC!) – the ”Flower Power”- beer!
Body & Soul       8 %
Sim-Ko     4,8 %
singlehopped blond ale, Simcoe
Mimer Alus       7,4 %
brewed with birch-smoked malt, juniper branches and myrica gale
Midgård Rödmölska      8 %
bragot hazelnut-porter
Dubh Linn Stout      4 %
irish stout
Rom-Kaggen Stormaktsporter      12 %
imperial stout aged on rum barrel
Närke Bäver     6 %
ale with beaver glance
Hazel Dormouse Porter     8 %

Põhjala (EST)

Prenzlauer Berg 4,5%
Berliner Weisse w/ Raspberries & Lactose
Power Flower (Flower power special) 4,5%
Gin BA Berliner Weisse w/ Hibiscus and Rose petals
Here Comes the Night Time 5,9%
Dark Rye Sour w/ Aronia berries
Mutant Disco 6,8%
White IPA w/ Lemon zest & TQ soaked oak cubes
Talveöö 9,0%
Baltic Porter w/ Coconut, Cardamom, and Vanilla
Coco Bänger 12,5%
Imperial Stout w/ Coconut and Coffee
Rukkivein 12,9%
Rye Whiskey BA Rye Wine
Pime öö Islay BA 13,9%
Islay Whisky BA Imperial Stout

Shiga Kogen (Tamamura Honten) (JAP)

SALTY HOP (flower power special)    4,5%
Japanese Spice Ale
IBA Harvest Brew 2017     6,0%
Wet/Fresh Hop India Black Ale
Grand Rouge    6,0%
Fruit Saison
SHOUBU no Miyama Blonde (flower power special)    6,5%    
Japanese Spice Ale with sake rice
#10    7,5%
Imperial IPA with sake rice
Two Rabbits IPA    9,0%
Imperial IPA
ECKHARDT (Collaboration with Hair of the Dog)    12,0%
Golden Strong Ale
THE FAR EAST Barrel Aged Imperial House IPA     13,5%
Barrel Aged Imperial  IPA

Stigbergets Bryggeri (SWE)

American Cream – Mikkeler collab, Stigbergets version of American Dream  5%
India style lager
Walpurgis – Warpigs collab  6,1%
West Coast  6,5%
Amazing Haze  6,5%
Business as Usual  7%
UNO – Omnipollo collab  8%
Lumor – Flower Power Special  9%

Tempest Brewing Co. (SCO)

The Pale Armadillo  3,8%
Session IPA
Mango Berlinner  4%
Loral IPL  5,4%
India Pale Lager
Harvest IPA  6,7%
Belgian style harvest IPA
Brave New World IPA  7%
The Old Fashioned  9,5%
Barrel aged Imperial Rye
All the Leaves are Brown (flower power special)  10,5%
Maple Brown Ale
Bourbon Barrel-aged Mexicake  11%
barrel aged imperial stout

Tommie Sjef Wild Ales (NED)

Druif (Wild Ale with red winegrapes, 2016 harvest) 5%
Wild/Sour Ale
Mandarin (Wild Ale with Mandarina Bavaria hops) 5%
Wild/Sour Ale
Bloesem (Wild Ale with elderflowers, Flower Power special) 5%
Wild/Sour Ale
Blauw (Wild Ale with blueberries) 5%
Wild/Sour Ale
Framboos (Wild Ale with raspberries and a bit of blackcurrants, flat & fresh!) 5%
Wild/Sour Ale
Salie (Wild Ale with sage) 5%
Wild/Sour Ale

Weird Beard Brew Co (ENG)

Little Things That Kill  3,9%
Session IPA
Sawa Sawa  4,1%
Coffee Sour
Hippy Hating Hippie (Flower Power Special)  5,5%
Rose Stout
K*ntish Town Beard  5,5%
American Wheat Ale
Out of Office  7,0%
Coffee IPA
Night Of The Ryeclops  7,0%
Rye Stout
Cardinal Wolf  8,4%
Belgian IPA
Sadako, Heaven Hill Barrel Aged Edition 9,5%
Imperial Stout, Bourbon Barrel Aged
Sadako, Rum Barrel Aged Edition  9,5%
Imperial Stout, Rum Barrel Aged
Bearded Nurse  10,2%